Authentic Experiences

Our tailored tours in Greece will give you the opportunity to discover at your own pace and in complete privacy the eclectic traditions and most remarkable features of one of the oldest civilization in the world. You will be able to sail the Aegean on your private yacht, crossing clear blue waters, ancient ruins and natural landscapes that will take your breath away.

Luxury Lifestyle


Salpare kai Chalarose

Embark on a private yacht to enjoy incredible views along the island coasts and ancient ruins suspended in time. Leave Mykonos to discover Delos, which is said to have been a moving island that freely roamed the sea and the birthplace of Greek deities, Apollo and Artemis. Its rich archaeological site celebrates the cult of the twin gods with all sorts of mosaics, statues and ancient squares. Then, your Access Europe Skipper will escort you across magnificent beaches. You will relish swimming and snorkeling in crystalline waters, while exploring hidden coves with the beautiful landscape of Rhenia island in the background. 


Theamatika Topia

Embrace romance and adventure in one of the most astonishing natural settings in the world. You will witness the impressive geologic phenomenon that left the scenic underwater Caldera cradled between steep cliffs of volcanic rocks. Your Access Europe Guide will show you beautiful small towns that seem to be sinking into the sea. You will have the chance to visit the spectacularly preserved archaeological site of Akrotiri. End your day in the enchanting Oia, where you will admire a panoramic sunset illuminating white churches' blue roofs, while savoring a glass of sweet and strong wine, named Vinsanto.


Mia Mythiki Embeiria

Breathe in the mythical atmosphere among timeless temples and legendary ruins. You will start your day at the Acropolis, the old citadel above the city, which culminates in the famous Parthenon. Your Access Europe Guide will lead you back to the steps, diving into the Plaka district, where you will stop for a refreshing frappè coffee. Then, you will move on to one of Athen’s colorful markets for a glimpse of authentic and dynamic daily life. Be guided from the Columns of the Olympian Zeus to more recent landmarks, such as the Parliament Building or the Presidential Palace, where you will conclude your journey through eternity.