Authentic Experiences

Our private experiences include the possibility of exploring the most unusual spots in each Italian city, from the Vatican to the Glass Factories, from Etna to the island of Capri. Whether you want to discover the local culinary traditions or the most appreciated wine producers, Access Europe will make sure you can experience the unprecedented, entirely designed around you.



La Santa Sede

Certain experiences cannot be described with words. This exclusive, behind-the-scene entrance will let you stay in one of the most hidden part of the Vatican.

You will first enter into the Vatican Mosaic Laboratory, the Pope’s private studio, where artisans work to make Pope’s gifts to world famous Head of States. Then it is time for St. Peter’s Basilica, a masterpiece of Renaissance and Baroque architecture that is one of the world’s most important Christian sites. Inside, you will witness Michelangelo’s sculpture, Pietà, and Bernini’s bronze baldachin. Finally the Vatican Museums, featuring the most comprehensive art collection in the world with more than 2,000 rooms, and the Sistine Chapel, where you can marvel at Michelangelo’s exquisite ceiling painting.


Eccellenza Italiana

Discover the spectacular "Langhe" in the Turin area. Home to some of the most appraised culinary specialties in Italy and to a long history of winegrowing and winemaking traditions. Named after the local dialect word for “hills”, identifying the region for its lay of the land, you will be in awe while exploring the fairytale-like landscape, alternating gentle hills of vineyards and hazelnut trees with green valleys and cozy little towns. Here you will visit a local winery specialized in superlative Barolo wines and search for truffles with your personal truffle Hunter, savoring the flavors of this enchanted land.


Antica Tradizione

Artisans of Murano still use the same centuries-old technique, and you will be able to view this complex process with a glass-making demonstration at a local factory. Then you’ll visit Burano, a fishermen’s island known for its vibrant multi-colored houses. Your Guide will lead you through the narrow alleys and reveal the true culture and lifestyle of this charming, picturesque town.